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Discussion in 'General Market' started by Geashaw, Feb 21, 2015.

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  1. all for 22m rs3
  2. Can you get the required items?
  3. You have the required levels right? Items shouldn't be too hard.
  4. I only need 1-40 crafting for The Fremennik Trials.
    Perhaps I can change that for 16 QP (required after the other quests for Dragon Slayer)?

    So it'd be;
    1. The Grand Tree
    2. Tree Gnome Village
    3. Monkey Madness (No exp)
    4. 16 Quests points
    5. Dragon Slayer
    What'd be your final price?
  5. how much will shilo village quest cost and can u do it now?
  6. Please do post on Hitch's thread :)
  7. sorry for hijacking ur topic :p
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  8. Do you have all F2p done? If its f2p then it'll be +10m rs3 if I have to do member quests its +20m rs3
  9. I have like 8 Quest Points atm, Rune Mysteries done only.

    Would you say 35M all together?
  10. Yeah. It'll take a bit of time though.
  11. That's all right, I'll prepare the stuff tomorrow and I'll be at work the rest of the week anyway :)
  12. yeah I'm gonna need to make a mule.
  13. I might want to port this if I get to buy an account.
    Postponed for now oki?
  14. kk
  15. If still need this, I can do it all today.
  16. I'm sorry but thread hijacking isn't appreciated, kind offer though when I need it, I'll still with @HitchThoseCocks
  17. Not sure how exactly I'm hijacking when I simply offered to do the services YOU asked for, yes I read the comments and saw he was doing it - in some case of events he can't or doesn't want to I was simply stating I would do it, if that's what you call thread hijacking then I apologize.
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