Resolved Trying to download to MAC

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by These, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. An internal error occurred (error code: launch path not accessible)
  2. Can you show us the logfile? :) (~/Library/Logs/....)
  3. how can i do that
  4. Its a small log file on your mac pc :) YOUR PC/Library/Logs/.... it should be there.
    With that file we can see what causes the error ;)

    ~/Library/Logs (user-specific)
  5. How can i find out? When i open the finder, i don't have my PC just says drop box, all files, desktop, airdrop, app, document, downloads
  6. Should be somewhere there :s
    ~/Library/Logs (user-specific)
  7. i went to library>logs>?? then didn't see anything about the file
  8. Weird, then i think its up to @Arbiter & @Cloud
  9. sorry bro :'(
  10. Do you not have admin privileges on this computer? If not, you'll have to install somewhere local like /home/you/RuneMate/.
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