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  1. Hey, I currently play my main legit and wanted to start a bot alt to run it when Im doing something else.
    So I made the 2nd account and logged it with runemate, I wasnt planning on botting from lv3 but I got banned as soon as I logged in with runemate lol. Before I started my main, like a week ago, I got banned on a low level char that had some quests and combat lvl for botting runespan like a moron, is there a chance they are somehow tracking me? I made sure I changed my ip when I logged the 2nd account so it wouldnt be linked to my main, I just restarted the modem and I had a new one, is that enough?

    Thanks for ur time
  2. Make a new account, and play it legit for an hour or so on the real runescape client, level some skills, do some easy quests etc, then hop over to runemate and you should be fine ;)
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  3. When you restart your modem do you get a other IP then xD ?
  4. @Vox Kk, Ill try that.

    @Lyrcon yeah, each time I restart it I get a new one, do you think its enough? I really cant find a working proxy to work with runemate, Im a noob in that regard and dont really know how they work.
  5. Mhh im going to try that out soon.
    You should do what Vox said before and you will be fine.
    Also if your botting on RS3 you could better wait on Spectre.
    Good Luck! :D
  6. If you are going to try to restart the modem to change your ip it depends on your ISP, either you have a dynamic IP or a static one.
  7. So it depends on my ISP if i am allowd to do that ?
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  9. 2 notable issues from my end.

    Runespan botting likely caused a ban of mine on a new account recently.
    Also, make sure you've done a handful of quests.

    Beyond that, GL!

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