★Tutorial Island Service★ Hand-trained!

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  1. This is my Tutorial Island Service

    I have chosen to start this tutorial island service for those who are lazy or have nothing better to do than to create accounts. All information about my service is written below

    Accounts will be done by hand!

    Completion of tutorial island [100k] 07 GP

    Completion of [7 quest points and Tutorial island done[500k] 07 GP.

    Accounts moving to location extra 20K! 07 GP

    Terms of service
    Once an order is started, I will not refund any money.
    If you log onto an account while I am in the process of making it, the order will be cancelled, Money will not be returned!
    Both leaving an feedback

    Number of accounts-
    Which packages would you like?:
    Special Requests [if any] -
    Have you added me on skype?:
    Do you agree to my TOS?-


    PM me.
    or skype [NiarnRS]
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  2. strong first post; good luck with your service.
  3. Thanks alot! :)
  4. Number of accounts-5
    Which packages would you like?:Completion of tutorial island
    Special Requests [if any] -No
    Have you added me on skype?:Yes
    Do you agree to my TOS?-Yes
  5. If I pay to move to center of shilo village... I could therefore force you to do all the combat, skills, and quests to do that... Loopholes!!! :D
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  6. Haha! its will be cheap yes hahahaha!
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    Done! Thanks for choose me!
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  7. Do you create the accounts or do we?
  8. I can do it.
    It's All up to you
  9. Because that's the part I hate the absolute most lol, I'll let you do it lol.

    Number of accounts- 5
    Which packages would you like?: tutorial island
    Special Requests [if any] - you create accounts
    Have you added me on skype?: no
    Do you agree to my TOS?- yes

    I put in the order, but don't have time to complete it atm. I will pay for the accounts so long as you make them, and I'll pay 1m for all 5 since you're creating the email/accounts. Hopefully you choose to accept this, and we'll be in touch!

    Oh also, I'd prefer yahoo or gmail emails lol. Completely preference, and not required though.
  10. Can you please add my skype NiarnRS. So we can transfer the money :)
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    Accounts Done!
    Waiting for Payment! Thanks.
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  11. Get off work in about 2 hours!
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    Sorry man, my work schedule sucks ass! We'll do it first thing in the morning, vouch for vouch ofc!
  12. Online!
  13. Vouch for RsTut, trade went smooth, I went first!

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