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Discussion in 'Client & Site Suggestions' started by Whopper, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. I realize a market hasn't been released, we're not quite known YET and account security may not be of the utmost concern due to lack of threats. But I was curious to see how the community feels about adding Two-Factor Authentification as an extra measure of account security? I personally love having another layer to protect my account from any malicious users whether it be keyloggers, database injection, etc.

    For those unfamiliar with two-factor auth, feel free to click here for more information. To put it simply, it's another authentication to gain access to an account as opposed to simply putting in a password and gaining access.
  2. If xenforo has a plugin for it then I fully support it.
  3. I'm up for it, sounds like it would be handy!
  4. A lot of places use this now, I use it everywhere I go lol.
  5. It sounds like a good idea.
  6. Confirmed feasibility. @Cloud can you add it to the RC2 sprint please? I'm mobile ATM.
  7. Added to the agile board.

    As promised. Settings can also be reached from the member dropdown on the top right.

    P.S. The client does not adhere to the two-factor requirement at the moment, but that is a work in progress.
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  9. Awesome to hear! :)

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