ty jagex

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  1. [​IMG]

    enough said ty bois
  2. Congrats bruh
  3. You should have bought a better camera, wtf am I looking at?
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  4. I dont know why people buy android phones. They all suck - Stick with iphone and you get a phone that works & has a camera that aint a potato.

    I think he bought a car with money he earned from botting runescape I guess? hahah
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  5. Not all android phones suck, I have a Galaxy S6, best camera I've ever owned, and I have 2 i-phones. As for the car comment, yeah that's what I thought, but he could have at least checked the damn photo first. So damn blurry, and rotated the wrong way.
  6. What kind of car is it?
  7. All I know is snapchating with people with androids, doesnt matter if its S6 or S4 - the picture is all blurred. Maybe its snapchat? Im not sure!

    Hahaha yeah i totally agree, didnt have a clue what it was for a minute..
  8. I use snapchat often, never have an issue. Although I always re take a snap if it's not perfectly clear also lol.
  9. Congratulations.
  10. sorry it is scratched up im buying a new one end of the year its and iphone btw
  11. Can you post a better photo at all? :D Or at least explain what it is lol.
  12. iPhone 4/4S tend to have the blurry camera. Its because the glass on the lens was very soft compared to the newer or older iphones.
  13. Sounds like operator error, not equipment error :p
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    It's a car, the photo is taken from the drivers side looking towards the passenger side, rotated at a 90 degree angle (anti-clockwise) xD
  14. australia drivers side on right
  15. I know it's a car.. I meant year/make/model
  16. 2015 toyota 86 GTS
  17. Ahh nice choice. Congratz!
  18. [​IMG]
    Iphone 6

    Nexus 6P

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  19. This ^ exactly.
  20. Dang, how much did that set you back? :p I might have to get into gold farming to upgrade from my old hilux xD

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