Implemented UI color change feature

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Would you like/use this feature if it was implemented?

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  1. Back to rsbuddy days, I saw a script bot that can change the UI look and feel and people actually liked it and asked if there was a way to use it with another script bot running, which was not possible... then I thought that it would be nice if it was a native feature of the bot, it wouldnt affect the performance because its completely aesthetic and people could make their bots more "personal" xD


  2. We were actually talking about this.

    Give time to time :)
  3. It just doesn't match the site when you change even a single color :c
  4. I think it would be better for the developers to work on polishing out bugs, then work on the more graphical side of things. But to each their own.
  5. Indeed, its long-term suggestion ;)
  6. You can just open the .jar using an archive management tool (such as 7zip, winzip, etc) and edit the .xml and .css files ;p
  7. Reverse engineering our client :p
  8. Great idea, agreed!
  9. I'd rather add a color picker to the client than having dozens of people opening up the jar lol
  10. Omg stop hacking! In all seriousness though, if anyone has actually looked at the CSS files you would be able to easily see why this isn't a trivial feature - the organization is a clusterfuck. I will be working on standardizing the palette which will allow for quick and easy replacement by user choice. However, I will most likely have a finite list of colors (read palettes) for users to choose from instead of a color selector. It's all about finding that happy medium between giving users choice and not letting them make stupid ones. :p

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