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What palette(s) do you like?

  1. Green tea

  2. Crystal

  3. Lavender

  4. OSRS

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  5. RS3

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. So I'm not sure if everybody knows but RuneMate will support palettes soon, and we would like some feedback from you guys. Take a look at these three developer toolkit palettes:

    # 1 - Green tea

    #2 - Crystal


    #3 - Lavender


    #4 - OSRS


    #5 - RS3


    You can cast multiple votes so please go ahead and choose your favorite(s)! :)
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  2. Viewer's been a great help in protyping these designs. What we have so far looks great. :D
  3. Corporate Blue

    Creamy Grey
  4. Made a PSD in case anybody wants to submit their own: http://puu.sh/7Dvrh.psd

    Made one that looks a bit like the forum theme

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  5. You mean kinda liike... :p

    Smart idea. Viewer had the same one. It's the default theme.
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  6. Added OSRS and RS3 schemes, please check them out :)
  7. Update POLL please, my vote goes to RS3
  8. Edited the poll.
  9. Added GreenTea!

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  10. Where do you upload those pictures at? All pictures are broken for me in OT, and mostly in other threads, too.
  11. Either the original image was removed or one of the levels of caching failed.

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