Resolved Unable to launch the bot without instant crash.

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  1. I'm sorry ahead of time if this is in the wrong thread.
    When ever I try to launch RuneMate the launcher crashes immediately. I have tried to reinstall java, restart computer after install. Nothing seems to work. does any one have any advice on this topic?
    Edit: I have windows 10 64bit.
  2. Did you install 64-Bit Java?
  3. is there a way to check this. I would assume I did.
    Edit: I looked up a method. I don't think I have 64 bit. I will reinstall and touch base after.
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    I have tried with both versions and still no luck. i launch the program and it pops up a little box, then instantly closes
  4. If it launches a small window [most likely a command prompt], your Java association is broken.
    Normally a reinstall would fix this, but you already tried that.
    Here's what you should try:
    1. Download Jarfix []
    2. Run Jarfix as admin
    3. Try running RuneMate again.

    I'm pretty positive this will fix it ;)
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  5. Thank you man this has been haunting me for about 3 weeks! I'd keep the thread for those that have the same problem (FIXED!!!!)
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