Unable to load manifest.xml

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  1. I followed the quick setup guide for intellij and runemate and get an NPE when It tries to load the manifest.

    (10:44:31) Unable to load com\dibes\bots\testbot\testbot.manifest.xml (NullPointerException: null)

    My manifest
    Code (Text):
    1. <manifest>
    2.     <!-- The main class -->
    3.     <main-class>com.dibes.bots.testbot.TestBot</main-class>
    4.     <name>Test Bot</name>
    5.     <description>This just makes sure stuff is running!</description>
    6.     <version>0.0.1</version>
    7.     <compatability>
    8.         <game-type>RS3</game-type>
    9.     </compatability>
    10.     <categories>
    11.         <category>WOODCUTTING</category>
    12.     </categories>
    13. </manifest>
    Not sure what is causing this,

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  2. I copied another manifest over and it seemed to load. Musta messed up some sort of formatting or something. Leaving this open in case a bug does exist.
  3. That's odd. Maybe it doesn't like you having a '.' in the name of the file?
  4. "compatibility", not "compatability"

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  5. I totally didn't mention that to see if anyone else would notice.
  6. xD The manifest is so prone to misspellings and invalid fields :/
  7. Lol what a silly error of mine. Can this thread be closed as answered?
  8. Select a best answer :p

    Hmmm, maybe this thread doesn't have a "Best Answer" option... @Arbiter?
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  9. Errr call me daft, but I can't seem to find the damn button to do so :(

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