Unable to set yaw/pitch to exact value?

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    I'm just trying to mimic my own playstyle in my bot.

    For one, I like to have pitch at 1.0. Which is the most top-down view. And it's really easy achieve this number with human hands as the camera is capped there. But when using Camera.passivelyTurnTo(1.0) or TurnTo(1.0) it ignores me and puts it to 0.9x. That's actually really big tell you're a bot if you stop turning your camera right before the hard cap, if Jagex were to look for such a thing.

    Same with yaw. I'm trying to keep it within a certain range, but when I call TurnTo() but the difference between current yaw and the requested yaw isn't very big it will ignore me and won't adjust. But if its way off it will turn it a little, but still not to the number I indicated but a little less.

    I guess it's a "feature" to stop us from setting exact same camera angle every time, but I don't think any script bot writer is bad enough to not use random numbers in TurnTo() or a straight up 1.0 which is achievable and common.
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    The reason for the camera tolerance is actually because it's extremely hard to set a precise value in RS3 because you actually have to predict where it would land. Of course that doesn't really apply for setting it to 1, but the concept is still there. However, you did bring up a bigger problem that I had forgotten about. The tolerance should vary for each player, and in the next release it will use player sense to vary. Thank you for bringing this up, even if it was indirectly.

    Edit: The "next release" is now available.
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