Bug Unidentified GameObject of type atu on rs3 gamepack

Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by Aidden, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. [SDK Debug] Failed to resolve a refactored name for the game class atu
    [SDK Debug] Unidentified GameObject of type atu on rs3 gamepack f8d0f085b2330120c88c4effd3a96bd3cded94e5.

  2. So here's the rundown with this. The place we get "primary" game objects from is a list of entities. Each coordinate has a list of these entities and for the most part it's only the primary objects. Occasionally, a player will step on the tile, or an npc will step on the tile, etc. When that happens, since we've identified the class and know what it is, we ignore it and move on. This prints when we encounter something we don't have hooked or don't know about. In this case, we've done some analysis and although we're not entirely sure what it is, it's likely some type of small decoration type thing. It has a single field, and that field contains a model id which can be used to resolve a model in game, but we haven't figured out what they are yet.
  3. Okay, so should we continue to report these as they pop up or should we wait for you to work it out and then only post if they occur after your solution didn't work?
  4. Don't bother posting this at this point in time. If it occurs on OSRS, then post that because that would be something else I need to investigate.

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