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Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by Wyn, Jul 28, 2014.

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  1. Wyn submitted a new resource:

    Unique Runespan - It's unique, seriously.

    Start at island of choice, automatically detects best experience.

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  2. Will use it and post a proggy.
  3. It's mostly here for reference for Cloud, he has a nasty bug to fix within the client.
  4. YES!!!!! THANK GOD!!! I LOVE YOU WYN!!!!
  5. script bot doesn't seem to run. I started it on one island and got a message in red saying "script bot is blocking Node Getting more essance" then I move him to another island and start script bot and he just stands there, usually script bot shuts off.
  7. :'( Oh... thought it ran :/
  8. It does, you just have to wait for Cloud.
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  9. Hey I did my part, for now it's back on him lol
  10. Nope, you have collisions and models left to fix.
  11. Well I was gonna wait till Cloud to fix those model bugs so I could start working on a Runespan script bot.
    Well I will start working on something else. :)
  12. Collisions will be fixed by tonight, the models... well I'm not entirely sure what you think the problem with the models is.
  13. Maybe I'm just not used to the delay.
  14. Should be working fine now.
  15. Hey Wyn, is this working yet?
  16. Yea, model interaction may have some issues though client side.
  17. Does it only work in EoC? Or can you run it in Legacy?
  18. Either or.
  19. Must be client issue than :( Closes instantly when started in Legacy.
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