RS3 [Untrimmed 99 Farming, Elite task set progress] Price Check - Farming Skiller

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  1. Hey guys, I recently returned to playing runescape after a 2 year break, and in the last 3 months i managed to grind out 99 farming for my first time. It's an awesome achievement for me, but I'm considering selling the account to start on something new and challenging once again. I'm not 100% sure that I want to sell the account, and for now I'd just like to get peoples' offers. Please only serious offeres :) Screenshots below, enjoy.

    Account Perks :
    • Untrimmed Farming
    • 50+ LVL Milestone
    • Greenfingers Aura (Tier 1)
    • Jack of Trades Aura (Tier 2)
    • Temple Trekking NPC total 425/594
    • Constructor's Outfit and Infinite druidic pouch unlocked (temple trekking)
    • Dragon Hatchet in toolbelt (not removable)
    • Cosmetic Treasure Hunter pieces including : Ethereal, Warlord, Skirmisher, Archon, Ramokee
    • Gorilla Mask
    • Only need 80 construction (75) and 80 Herblore (also 75) for full Witchdoctor including mask

    Task Set
    • Explorer's Ring 4
    • Varrock Armour 3
    • Falador Shield 3
    • Ardougne Cloak 2
    • Morytania Legs 2
    • Karamja Gloves 1
    • Fremennik Boots 1

    • Smoking Kills
    • Elf series up to Mourning's End Part 1
    • Canifis series up to Branches of Darkmeyer
    • Desert Treasure
    • Lunar Diplomacy & Dream Mentor
    • Fairy Tale I, II, and III
    • The Fremennik Isles
    • Monkey Madness
    • The Slug Menace

    All stats covered in red are between levels 50-60. Anything else covered was to protect the identity of my account. The username is related to mushroom culture, and semi-farming related.


  2. hi chris.

    great progress you've made.
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  3. I would appreciate hearing peoples opinions on this account too.
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  4. Your biggest selling point is your farming. I'd say you could ask anything between 80-100$ for that account
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  5. Oh no! I'm going to miss Spores if you ever sell it.

    Since I have played on the account myself for a short while, I know that the account (despite the low combat level) will never make you feel limited because of how well it is quested for it's level and because of the many Task set items it has unlocked. With that awesome (untrimmed!) Farming cape along with that, I'm sure you can ask for a nice 100$.
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  6. goodluck selling
  7. bump, looking for more price offers
  8. maybe $50
  9. what are you looking for cash or rsgp offers ?
  10. either is fine.

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