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  1. Hey folks,

    Running 95-97% usage when using 2 bots on my pc. Specs attached.

    Is this to be expected? This is after cutting out many background processes and only running RS and RM.

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  2. Which bots?
  3. Alpha Div, Celestial Div, Alpha Fighter.
  4. And the CPU usage is similar for all 3?
  5. Celestial seems to use a little less. A fluctuating 80%+ usage with 2

    Alpha Div with 2 is always a solid 93+

    Alpha Fighter with 2 +95
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    RM actually just locked up for me totally w/ 2 Alpha fighter instances.
  6. I can understand Alpha Fighter being high, because my last update added a more thorough check to see if the current npc is still valid.
    I'll have a look at Alpha Div today.
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