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  1. Hey I've recently been using this bot this past month and I've only been banned on 1 account (Probably cause it was F2P and was botting for over 48 hours cause i forgot about it ;p) but other than that i've botted constantly on all my P2P account and neither of them have been banned and i've done long sessions each time like 10 hours +. Just want all the developers of the bots to keep up the good work and will recommend this for further members for a great non detectable bot. Also, what are the benefits of donating to this website for more bot scripts bots and do you gain any access to any way better bots? Also, how much is the charge?
  2. Hi Rusted. If you click on UPGRADE it tells you the benefits of each option. Please not that you can pay as much as you want (minimum of $2), just click on the + next to the amount or click the amount to enter a number yourself, the benefits will be automatically updated to show you what you'll get for any amount you enter. Please note that a $2 donation doesn't give any extra instances or hours, only $3+ does.
  3. Thank you for the nice words. Appreciation is the driving force behind creating (free) bots for me. :)
  4. Awesome! Will look into it, thanks!
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    I looked into you bots and they are amazing bro keep up the good work! Also, I love the priff ones, Maybe make an agility priff course one? Also, cooking at the bonfire at priff
  5. Cooking bot for the bonfire is easy. The agility course, not sure. Isn't there another agility bot that supports the cours?
  6. No clue but the cooking one would be awesome because all the others are broken and don't work at all :/ (That good)

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