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  1. We're just as excited as all of you are about this upcoming release. Our tentative ETA is 24-36 hours. I usually don't like giving ETAs in case something disastrous happens, but we also want to be fully transparent with our plans. If you haven't already, I recommend you familiarize yourselves with the Java Documentation if you are an interested bot author. If you just can't wait to run some bots with us, then hold tight because we got some great stuff coming for you guys. :)
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  2. On that note, I will make a post that standardizes a set of best practices and official "RuneMate" terminologies. I believe the term "script bot writer" is a little diminishing and much prefer "Bot Author," due to their scalable nature (they can be three lines of code or three thousand). I was referring to bot authors and will edit my OP to reflect that. I would also prefer that RuneMate be referred to as a client as, by itself, it is doesn't do anything and therefore is not a bot but rather a platform.
  3. You make me tingle on the inside.
  4. Interesting.
  5. A little (big) update for you guys. We have wrapped up the feature set we want for the first release. Cloud and I ran out of Monsters, so we're about to crash for the night lol. Right after university tomorrow we'll wrap up the build, do some alpha testing, and release for you guys. For you clock watchers, please give us a couple hours leeway from my initial ETA. We were being perfectionists today, so things took a little longer than we were expecting. :p
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  6. Ooooo. I'm excited brother.
  7. And it's coming... Awesome, guys!
  8. Good work, I'm more interested in the monsters than the bot though xD
  9. It was all worth the wait. :)
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  10. Shut up cunt.
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