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  1. @Cloud

    We, the bot authors, would like to petition you for a complete revamp of the web walking system. We truly believe that having a complete implementation of web walking spanning across all of Runescape in both OSRS and RS3 would potentially bring more customers as well as bot authors to the community. No other major OSRS and RS3 client has managed to accomplish this, and being the first one's would give us a huge push in the battle against our competitors. If there is a way that selected bot authors could contribute to expanding the data set for RuneMate, we would be more than glad to. Thank you for your time.

    With regards,

    RuneMate Bot Authors.
  2. I would like this too.
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  3. Fingers crossed, the guy is a sloth. Powerbot were faster to release v7 than Cloud will be to update the dataset.
  4. y u do dis mehn, i'm s3ri0us

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