Resolved [URGENT] All interfaces broken! - No scripts will work

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Exile, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. All interfaces are broken.
    If using the dev toolbox, you'll see that "Visible" is false everywhere, and if you select an interface the drawn model will not match the actual one.

    Happens on SafeMode/OGL/DirectX, restarting client doesn't solve it


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  2. Uhm are you sure? I'm in game right now and things look fine to me...

    Edit: There's no way they're all broken lol
  3. Look at my screens?
  4. I am, but that only proves that a single interface isn't where you expect it to be, I'll check out that specific situation in game.
  5. All of the interfaces that I checked showed up as invisible, and the white rectangle thing wasn't where it should be
  6. I'm concerned. Is the problem persisting through client restarts?
  7. He said it started working for him in the shoutbox earlier today.
  8. Yep

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  9. Try it now
  10. Nope, still the same

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