Used a bot for 1hour and got banned.

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Trak, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. Was playing on Darkscape. I used to bot like a month ago but now i havent botted in quite some time. Yesterday i thought that i want my runecrafting a bit higher. Decided to bot it since i had a lot of university-work to do. I used the bot for 1hour or so at runespan and the whole time the client was open and i was checking it with one eye. Today i log in and i receive a 48h ban. Seems like they're still catching those who use the client?
  2. Yep, botted in the last 3 days and all my accounts are banned at the next day. Darkscape seems to be detected...
  3. Darkscape, RS3, OSRS all of them are being monitored alot apparently... i made 8 accounts in the last 5 days all are banned within an hour of botting, al of them completed tut island manually and played on a few hours without botting.
    Its like a horror movie atm :'(
  4. Lost my main and two accounts that I have made in the last two days.
  5. I'm surprised as some figures jsut don't add up.
    Quite a few people have been banned recently and they have been posted however there is 400+ bots running.
    Even if all the people posting were running 10 bots each that would barely amount to 100 bots, so either the number of running clients in Runemate is wrong or there really isn't that many bans specific to runemate.

    Some people are talking on shoutbox about how there is so many people getting banned yet the amoutn of people posting doesn't even come close to the amount of bots being ran at the moment? SO is the Runemate logged -in client a lie? or have runescape just stepped up their game slighty... maybe they used to ban 500 a day but now ban 1000 a day. Its hard to judge the actual impact of this.
  6. I am start to think that they are banning not because of the botting thing, cause i thing it is hard to say if someone is botting or not, just because u have to see them doing the same thing for a while, so i thing their are finding we are using other clients but not the official one so they say its bot.. u know.. i really think it is that!! its the client, something like that cause to find someone in the game that is botting it is hard!!

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