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  1. This is a shot in the dark but I created a new OSRS account, ran it through tutorial island, and botted chickens for about an hour Sunday night. After one of RuneMate's last updates (I believe the OSX patch), the "accounts" section was cleared and it would appear I have forgotten the email I used for the new account. Just wondering if RuneMate saves a log of things like that in ProgramFiles or something. When I botted before I was sure to keep all this information in a text file somewhere to help me keep track of my bots but this time I think I was rushing to catch GoT. Thanks, and I'll pay more attention in the future (y)
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    Post #2 by Arbiter, May 3, 2016
  3. Unfortunately we do not keep logs of such things, for obvious privacy reasons. Accounts were cleared as a part of an annual security audit. We do them every so often to prevent potential loss from hijacked RuneMate accounts.
  4. Ah, not surprised in the least and actually we should be thankful for such measures being taken to protect privacy and security. Thanks for the quick reply, I will be more mindful of my account names from now on. I swear thinking up non-gold farmer sounding names is one of the hardest parts :p
  5. You can buy your own domain and have unlimited emails with your own name :)
  6. It's not the emails it's actually generating names that don't sound suspicious like the goldfarmers' do.
  7. Nobody sits there at Jagex looking at name that look fishy :p
    Your name won't make a 'huge' difference.
  8. True, but my thought is that other players are more likely to report someone with a name like "48spring27" than "ricespud" :cool:
  9. Honestly 48spring27 doesn't even sound that fishy. I thought you meant like liliiiliiili1ili

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