RS3 Username Login RS3+10Y vet cape

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  1. RS3 Level 81 10+ Year Veteran cape
    Username login
    OSRS He still needs to complete TTI.

    Make offer.

    Username account Number 2=
    RS3 level 39

    Username account Number 3=
    RS3 Levl 73

    Username account 4=Super rare name
    RS3 Lvl 43.
    5 QPS

    This account is cash only Offers,
    super rare name.

    Username account Number 5=
    RS3 LEVEL 82
    Female account

    I have tons More to post including OSRS.

    I am the orginal owner of all accounts I am selling

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  2. How much do you want for Username account number 5?
  3. Make me an offer
  4. how much do you want for account 1?
  5. Make an offer, I am flexible
  6. $15? idk how much accounts go for tbh
  7. 20$
  8. Define 'super rare name'. Like one, two or three characters?
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  9. 3 Letters :) Cheers

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