Using only my own scripts to max out

Discussion in 'Goals' started by Salvation, Apr 12, 2014.

  1. I'll be starting a new account and will try to max out combat using only my own scripts bots. I will not do anything legit, except for quests.

    My plan is to use Flax Salvation to get money and then buy the required gear to start training combat using Rock Crab Salvation (to be released publicly soon). I might get a few other levels (such as woodcutting) up to be able to wield better (quest-) weapons, but I'll see about that later.

    I will also get my Magic up a bit to the point where I can teleport to most locations, this will also be done using Rock Crab Salvation.

    Depending on the amount of spare time I might do the quests to use Yak Salvation on this new account, but that's quite far in the future still, so I'll see about that.

    I will no-life this in a way no human could ever play, hoping to hit 24/7 once all random events can be handled.
  2. Good luck bro ;)
  3. I'm hoping to see these scripts bots show up in the bot store ;)
  4. You will!
    Some will be free and open source (please tell me the source is trimmed using an obfuscator/minimizer), some will just be free and/or supporter+ and some will be (if given the chance) premium.
  5. I'm sure you'll have a chance at some premium scripts bots, you're a good developer overall and as long as you keep your scripts bots maintained you'll have a really good shot. And we don't modify the source files, however we only package the source files that were actually used by the script bot.
  6. Would love to see this ^^ On OSRS or RS3?
  7. OSRS
  8. Thought so :p good luck Salvation :)

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