Resolved Using script in normal client instead of dev client?

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  1. Want to try and get some more FPS out of my two bots, so would like to try the norma client is this possible?

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  3. What do you mean exactly ?
  4. I want to use the scripts bots ive made in the normal client without the dev features or having the ide open
  5. Push the bot to the store.
  6. even if its crappy? got no problem sharing just saying, it's kinda terrible and has alot of specific requirements for running
  7. As long as you make the setup clear and have actually got it to a working standard before releasing it. But i don't see why running it in dev mode would lower the FPS
  8. You'll need to push it to the Bot Store soon anyway to run for more than X hours. See Suggestion - Restrict SDK Runtime for End Users | Community | RuneMate. You can also use the private bot access system if you don't want to release publicly. Please keep in mind to utilize the private bot access system you have to maintain a ratio of 1:1 of free bots to private bot accesses.
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    Alternatively you can get Bot Author by releasing a public bot to remove the SDK limit.
  9. Thanks for the comprehensive reply just the information I needed, it makes sense that you guys will try to encourage sharing and public bots :) once the bot stalls and walking problems are fixed Ill upload
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