Resolved Using this client is a VERY inefficient way to farm golden rocks

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  1. And that when it's not even a problem that you get them since you can deposit them in your bank. After getting two of them you never get them again so wouldn't it be better to have the bot collect them instead. I mean they also do give you like 10-15k experience too for practically no work at all.

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  2. The issue is that random events that put items in your inventory can break certain bots that do not handle edge cases well. That is why the client takes a conservative approach to handling them. It is the bot author's responsibility to then disable these anti-randoms if they are not a threat to a bot's functionality. The conservative approach we take has saved plenty of accounts from bans I'm sure, but there is no excuse for a bot author not deciding for themselves.

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    tl;dr Bot author's responsibility. Strongly urge them to consider disabling the anti-random if their bot allows for it.
  3. Golden rocks = strange rocks?
    Code (Text):
    1. if(Environment.isRS3())
    2.     GameEvents.get(GameEvents.RS3.UNEXPECTED_ITEM_HANDLER.getName()).disable();
  4. Pfft i think you got the order of big dogs wrong m8
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  5. Would be cool to see an option for that in the settings menu, where you can select which of the items should be destroyed and which not.
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  6. Step 1: get the bag for collecting the rocks
    Step 2: equip the bag in your pocket slot
    Step 3: run your favourite bot
  7. It's not on a per user basis, but a per bot basis. A bot's ability to handle unexpected inventory items is binary, so having control over specific items makes no difference.
  8. Yay :)
  9. @Arbiter

    Are we able to disable certain item names from popping the item handler? Or even disable all of them except from ones we specify? Would make stuff a lot easier..
  10. Don't see why that's needed. The bot can either handle all of them or none of them; it's a binary property of the bot's functionality.

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