Resolved UTFDataFormatException help me!

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  1. Got an issue when I trz to start an instance. It contains now for alreadz bout half a week. Already reinstalled mz System I dunno what to do :c Problem comes with all bots

    a.exe" -jar RuneMate.jar
    [Debug] RuneMate Version: 2.3.3
    [Debug] Java Version: 8u102 x86 (Oracle Corporation)
    [Debug] Operating System: Windows Server 2008 R2 x64
    The modscript that was requested arrived in a format that is unusable because it
    triggered a UTFDataFormatException. malformed input around byte 132
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at nul.iIIIIIiIiiiI.true(kwa:190)
    at nul.iIIIIIiIiiiI.<init>(kwa:145)
    at nul.iiIiiIiIIiII.true(ksa:168)

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  3. @Cloud

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  4. I'm getting this whenever I use the default web:
    Code (Text):
    2.     at$BlockDataInputStream.readUTFSpan(Unknown Source)
    3.     at$BlockDataInputStream.readUTFBody(Unknown Source)
    4.     at$BlockDataInputStream.readUTF(Unknown Source)
    5.     at Source)
    6.     at nul.iiIIIIiiIiIi.true(dfb:34)
    7.     at nul.iiIIIIiiIiIi.true(dfb:53)
    8.     at
    9.     at
    10.     at scripts.mining.GenericPathBuilder.buildTo(
    Line 40 is just:
    path = web.getPathBuilder().buildTo(dest);
  5. I've gotten the exact same thing starting a few days ago. I isolated the problem to the buildTo(destination) function where destination is a coordinate. I haven't tried making destination an Area yet.
  6. dest is a Locatable for me, so I'm guessing it's going to fail with any of them.
  7. Probably :(

    Another thing I forgot to mention. This doesn't happen every time. The bot is usually able to use web paths 2 or 3 times before this error happens.
  8. Are you both using the default web or custom webs?
  9. I'm using the default web
  10. Default for me as well.
  11. Aight, then I guess it's in Cloud's hands, seems to me like something goes awry when it tries to read a UTF String, probably for serialization/deserialization, the fact that it started yesterday is a little strange though.
  12. I am getting the same issue
  13. Should be resolved in latest release.
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