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  1. The past few weeks have been spent enhancing almost every part of the core. Tons of enhancements have been made and the following changelog is only a brief summary of the things I can remember at the time of writing this post. In reality, this is one of the biggest updates we've made and it has been done in preparation for the imminent RS3 release.

    Some of the changes...
    • We've added a PaintListener! This means that now you can overlay things on the RS canvas, simply make your main class implement it and then add "getEventProcessor().addListener(this);" to your onStart.
    • The input controls at the top of the client have been re-implemented so you can block input again.
    • The script bot loader has been redone to provide better support for oddly packaged scripts bots
    • Widgets and Models are both projected more accurately after various fixes to the projection class
    • Many widget components are now determined dynamically
    • The Developer Toolkit has been expanded and now draws the entity you're debugging onto the screen
    • A Shop class has been added to the API so you can easily buy and sell items; ++moneymaking
    • An ActionBar and Action class has been added in preparation for RS3
    • The Keyboard class has been revamped to be vastly more robust
    • A lot of core event handlers have been updated such as the login handler, lobby handler, bank pin handler, and others.
    • The RS3 Projection class now takes into account the widgets above a model and then clips the model if needed.
    • Overhead icons have been abstracted after reviewing how they're implemented in the current RS3 engine.
    And many, many more changes. I hope you all enjoy :)

    On another note, the Bot Store is currently in the process of being completely redone and a developer panel is a work-in-progress.
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  2. Awesome updates :D
  3. The quiet before the storm. ;)
  4. Once again Cloud, amazing work.
  5. Great work as usual, looks awesome man :)
  6. A little late from me but nice :D

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