V1.0.0 Beta 4

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, the RuneMate staff would like to proudly introduce RuneMate Beta 4!

    What's new?:
    • Reproduced native maximize, maximized + drag, etc. functionality for the client.
    • New color palette (no ui for selecting yet, currently picks a random one at start-up and then default to the "stock" when the play button is pressed)
    • Fixed ActionBar.getExpanded (which fixes Action.activate)
    • Fixed Camera.turnTo(Locatable)
    • Fixed CombatGauge.getPercent on both osrs and rs3
    • GameObjectDefinition#find() - Very intensive, use very sparingly
    • Changed Traversal.getDestination() to return the world-graph position instead of the region position.
    • Implemented custom storage for biometrics because serialization was breaking due to obfuscation. (Tacky file extension successfully chosen: .rm :p)
    • Implemented feature request from @Viewer for Real Time (Varps) Changes. Modeled directly from his POC. Thanks for another great contribution.

    Download HERE

    Best Regards,

    The RuneMate Staff
  2. Good work :)
  3. 100% sexy

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