V1.0.0 Beta 6

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    • SDK mode unforced. -sdk flag at execution required to access SDK mode
    • Direct login via command prompt
      Code (Text):
      1. -login=username:password:game_type i.e. -login=Arbiter:heartrunemate:OSRS
    • Compatibility audit for Bot Store go-live
    • General improvements
    • Miscellaneous UI/UIX tweaks
    • Improved Linux compatibility (needs more testing)
    • Sync server stability auditing (to be continued...)
    • Added GlobalPathBuilder#searchArea(Area)
    • Added Coordinate.isReachableFrom(Coordinate) (RS3 Exclusive)
    • Potential fix for RuneMate syncing on some foreign versions of windows
    • Renamed Game class to RuneScape

    Note: All bots currently in the Bot Store that use the Game class will need to re-push after renaming.
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  1. Good job like always :D
  2. Any update on generatePath() Arbiter? :rolleyes:
  3. generating a global path is a tremendous amount of work and requires significant changes to be osrs compatible
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  4. RuneMate Beta 6 is working perfectly here, so yeah portuguese charset support is approved by me ;)

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