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    People of RuneMate,

    We proudly announce the release of RuneMate Beta 8. Here are some of the changes that have been applied to the client.
    • Added Skill.getExperienceToNextLevel() & Skill.getPercentToNextLevel()
    • Added RSEventManager.OSRSEvent.isEnabled/disable/enable & RS3 equivalent.
    • Implemented semi-silent pushes (pushing without a change in version number will not create a new update in the Resource Manager, but it will update the last_updated timestamp)
    • Changed hybrid.local.widgets to hybrid.local.interfaces (to be consistent with the rest of the API)
    • Fixed Mouse.scroll() when input is disabled
    • Fixed InterfaceComponent's not projecting scrolled bounds.
    • Added osrs.net.Zybez (courtesy of @Static )

    Thank for your support,

    The RuneMate Staff.
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