V1.0.0 Beta 9 -> 11.2

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    Unfortunately, I didn't keep accurate records of these changes. For that I am sorry. Off of the top of my head...
    • Fixed OSRS crashing when loading definitions (item, object, npc)
    • Progress towards global walking in OSRS.
    • Model.getHash & respective utility methods (Players/Npcs/GameObject.getModelFilter(int... hashes))
    • Complete sync Server stability!!!
    • A bunch of improvements to the developer toolkit (more specifically, the way it formatted data)
    • General improved performance
    Non-client related updated:
    • Updated JDocs have been released
    • SVN infrastructure has been further improved
    • Upgrade page reports the expiration date of any existing subscriptions.
    • Search state preservation (Back/Forward works) in Bot Store.
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