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  1. Changelog

    • Fixed "Could not initialize OSRS" error
    • Removed author attribute from Manifest (Security issue)
    • Enabled com.runemate.game.api.client.BotPane
    • Updated Tabs API
    • Added ChatBox API
    • Added Viewpoint API (For screenshots)
    • Improved Skills API and structure
    • Added CombatGauge API (i.e. Actor.getHealthGauge())
    • Added Keyboard support for '@'
    • Added Item interface (To abstract GroundItem and SpriteItem)
    • Added (Projectiles/Npcs/Players).(getLoaded/Nearest)(Actor target)
    • Added (Npcs/GameObjects/GroundItems/Projectiles).getLoaded(int... ids)
    • Added (Npcs/Players/GameObjects/GroundItems/Projectiles).getNearestTo(Locatable)
    • Store the login dialog username between sessions
    • Limited bank pin field to 4 numeric characters
    • Added transitions to windows
    Developer Toolkit
    • Added basic Widget debugger
    • Improved Npc and Player debugger
    Random Handlers
    • Added BankPin handler
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  2. Still no strings?
  3. What do you mean?
  4. he probably means stuff like GameObjects.getNearest(String... names)
    just use a filter lol, it's not hard
  5. The problem is more often than not, the definitions and names are null, so it's a very unreliable form of entity search. The only type of entity that even has reliable names are Player. Npcs are relatively reliable compared to objects and items, but it's still not a very good form of search.

    Edit: I'm going force the names to load in the next update, so I'll add support then.
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  6. Sounds great
  7. awesome, thanks for the update : D
  8. afaik objects are the only ones that have a lot of nulls, and you can fix that by calling a method in the client
  9. Thanks for the update, Cloud!

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