Released V1.2.0 - Added DarkScape Support

Discussion in 'Client Updates' started by Cloud, Sep 19, 2015.

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    • Added support for DarkScape. All current RS3 bots can be ran on DarkScape. Developers can use Environment.isDarkScape to add DarkScape specific behavior.
    • Rewrote the main window frame to behave closer to the way we expect.
    • Added a client advertisement to the bottom of the frame (non-Supporter+ only) to help pay for our rising server costs.
    • Fixed Magic#isSelected (OSRS)
    • Fixed and changed around a metric ton of small things resolving lots of miscellaneous issues.
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  1. Great update!

    Darkscape is kind of a desperate movie from Jagex side if you ask me.
  2. I disagree with that, I think Darkscape is a good idea, but they should of brought it up before. I think they added it because of the support for Deadman Mode in OSRS and figured the larger rs3 community would like something alongside it aswell. It doesn't cost any extra and It may attract more players to the game so I don't see it as a desperate thing.
  3. Like you said, they could've done this long time ago but... When they lost their players, 90% of in-game users are botting they bring Darkscape to life hoping to attract new players and bring old players back, which also is free to play meaning they are trying desperately to gain player base again. For me, this is a desperate move and I will not change my mind about it. :)

    Once they got a good player-base which will happen, they will make a d**-move and ruin everything just like back in 2007 and again in 2013. I don't think they can afford running Darkscape free to play with p2p content in the long run which will make them taking a move thats against the community's will.
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  4. I see what your saying but they also say Darkscape is an EXPERIMENTAL project, maybe they're trying to test what deadman mode will be like before they put a lot of time into developing it since rs3 has a lot more developers and probably got darkscape made relativly quickly compared to what the osrs team would take to made something similar.

    Although what your saying how they "ruined" the game, they did mess up in 2007 but I believe the EOC release was not ruining the game. It opened the doors for a lot more high level pvm and structured it so the game is a lot more user friendly. While there was a larger player base back before EOC there have been a lot of new players since then aswell. Most of the players that left only left because they didn't want to adapt and change the way they played - not giving EOC a chance. I know this because this was my opinion but when I heard about legacy mode I came back and I loved it! I still play with legacy interface but I use EOC combat system and I really like it now but at the end of the day this is all just opinionated. I feel like if when they releaced EOC if they had put out legacy mode with it, most of the player base would of stayed.
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  5. Since the update the cursor and the client window don't behave properly. My mouse cursor and the client "custom" cursor are shifted and the bottom of the window is hidden by the Windows taskbar. :/
  6. V1.2.5
    • Improved the behavior of the new UI code in many cases.
    • Significantly improved the performance of local WebPaths
  7. updates are auto right?
  8. Yes.
  9. I'm having issues with force menu interaction. It doesn't seem to work
  10. V1.2.8
    • Fixed bank depositing in DarkScape
    • Attempt at fixing canvas not being focused on startup in certain setups.
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 6, 2015, Original Post Date: Sep 24, 2015 ---
    • Various network performance improvements
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  11. I can no longer full screen the client on Ubuntu as of today (presumably a result of the canvas changes) This makes the bot inoperable as the game window is full of UI elements so it cannot click.
  12. There is some problem with all the bots that I tested so far after the latest update on Darkscape. None of the bots were able to pick up crafting materials from bank, they just get stuck. Its the same for all types of materials.
  13. V1.2.16
    • Added -dimensions and -proxy command line arguments
    • Added new methods to the WorldOverview class
    • Added tag_line attribute to manifest
    • Fixed mouse offset when the canvas doesn't occupy the full space given to it by the main window.
    --- Double Post Merged, Nov 8, 2015, Original Post Date: Oct 22, 2015 ---
    • Added DarkScape.getCurrentThreatLevel (returns an enum value of either LOW, MEDIUM, or HIGH)
    • Deprecated the GrandExchange class in the rs3 package and added a new GrandExchange class to the hybrid package. This may cause some confusion but it future proofs things. The new GrandExchange class knows whether to query for the osrs or rs3 price based on the current game mode. It currently does NOT automatically fall back to the OSBuddy Exchange if it can't get the price from the official service. The ability to directly read offers will be coming to the new class soon.
    • Improved the performance of many Interface based methods
    • Improved the performance of rendering Area's on screen.
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