Released V1.3.0

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  1. Re-enabled client after anti-detection maintenance.

    • Fixed enabling OGL and DirectX modes and more anti-detection maintenance.
    • Finished anti-detection maintenance on Linux and re-enabled support for it.
    • Finished anti-detection maintenance on Linux and re-enabled support for it.
    • Anti-detection maintenance on all OSes.
    • Improved the sandbox.
    • Fixed a memory leak that was noticed while developing spectre
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  2. Tell me why this just with java bot's "not color bots"
  3. Thanks for all the hard work, and the update Cloud.
  4. Thanks, was wondering what the update was.
  5. So does this update correct the account locking issue that OSRS and DS have been encountering?
  6. My account wasn't locked while testing.
  7. That is good news, but was this update meant to address the account locking issue? or something else?
  8. I believe that the account locking was being caused by the same issue that made OpenGL and DirectX not work.
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    V1.3.2 has been released and Linux support has been restored.
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  9. My account was just locked after updating the client. Should I be worried about being banned?
  10. What version was last used before it was locked? Please report on what the results were.
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    Re-enabled osx support.
  11. I updated to V1.3.0 and when I did I played for less than 30 mins on OSRS. My account was locked out. I changed password and everything was fine
  12. account locked after starting 5 min for V1.3.3
  13. I made my account today, and it got locked like several hours later. Is the locking of accounts still an issue to anyone?
  14. V1.3.4 has been released. More anti-detection maintenance has been done based on the new data that we've gathered.
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    V1.3.5 is now available.
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  15. I really wanna know that new data :D
  16. Released V1.3.7
  17. Going great
  18. Are you actually still working on current client?
  19. As deemed necessary.
  20. RuneMate memory leak confirmed. JFX Memory leak confirmed. @Arbiter #getREKT
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