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    • An attempt at fixing a banking issue on osrs that has been occurring since the release of Spectre.
  1. Would it be possible to display the Runemate version within the GUI somewhere?

    I did have a look throughout the various tabs and didn't manage to find the version number anywhere.


    Looking at the file's properties, I am on version

    Using Celestial Fisher, fishing at the fishing guild, I still have the banking issue - Bot runs to bank, opens window, deposits fish and then stays inactive until I move it back to the fishing spot.
  2. Okay I released a silent update a moment ago that actually resolves the banking issues and many more that people may have been having. Children of InterfaceComponents were not being checked in queries as of a recent update as a result of a typo.
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  3. Great - I'll restart the client to update and report back my findings.


    Now working on Celestial Fisher! :)
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  4. Damn bug made me think my logic was fucked, just about rewrote my banking task :p

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