Released V2.0.5

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    Jul 28, 2013
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    • Attempt to resolve the AttachInitializerException a couple users were experiencing by reconfiguring our dll's after each restart of the client.
    • Fixed an exception occurring on the bridge that was stopping bots. It'll now print a simple debug line in the console if on SDK mode, otherwise it's just completely ignored.
    • Better detection of game caches on Linux and better error handling when we cannot find any.
    • Optimize Time.format(long milliseconds) because of a slight inefficiency...
    • Began implementing cross-query caching of certain npc and game object fields. GameObjects may temporarily be slower for single instances of an object because I removed their more expansive, but much more primitive type of caching
    • Added a missing container to the ChatDialog class of OSRS.
    • Slightly optimize OSRS RandomDismisser and hope that I fixed it.
    • Improved performance of things using GroundItem.getQuantity()
    • Fix a NullPointerException edge case caused by a combination of resizer fixing and decorated window.
    • When a bot encounters an exception, the bot version is now included within the stack trace.
    • Optimized Menu.getPosition()/getBounds()/open()/close() which has been shown to improve the rate of successful interaction by a decent amount.

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