Released V2.3.2

Discussion in 'Client Updates' started by Cloud, Jul 25, 2016.

    • Deleted the class FileWeb which was deprecated a long time ago and all references to it.
    • BasicObjectVertex and BasicItemVertex now accept Patterns as an alternative to Strings for their names and actions so as to allow more flexibility in generated graphs (this required changing the return type and name of the respective getNames() and getActions() methods in those classes unfortunately)
    • Fixed a bug with interacting with objects in WebPaths that are on different planes.
    • Added Area.Polygonal#getVertices()
    • Area.Polygonal#toRectangular() uses the proper plane now
    • Added Area.Circular#getRadius()
    • Fixed the toString() and getName() methods of the subclasses of the Powers class
    • Added Powers#getAdrenalinePercentage()
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  1. Good job keep it up! :)(y)

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