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  1. Since I spend so much time on here with you bros, I thought we could share our hobbies. One of my recent ones is vaping after @frazboyz helped me make the jump. I got the Aspire Platinum Starter Kit a little over a week ago and have been puffing it ever since. I wanted to explore the different types of flavors out there and found the perfect service for myself called ZampleBox (referral link - If you're interested I'd really appreciate if you used that link to purchase. Will give you RM goodies if you do <3). It's basically a subscription plan where they send you a variety of juices monthly.

    So tell me bros. How many of you guys vape? And what flavors would you recommend to a noobie like me?
  2. Isn't it proven to be almost equally has harmful to your body as regular smoking is? I don't see a point in doing this, it's just a waste of money just like smoking.
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  3. Not quite. All evidence thus far indicates that it has essentially no side effects as it is basically just vapor and nicotine (as opposed to tobacco, tar, additives, smoke, etc.). Unfortunately, not many exhaustive medical studies have been done on it (speculation: likely due to lack of funding and/or popularity) so I can't say it's been scientifically proven, but a lot of chest X-rays and anecdotal information you'll find online suggest it to be much better than smoking.
  4. While I'm sure vaping isn't good for you it is definitely much better for you than smoking cigarettes.

    Same reason people say smoking weed isn't bad for you. Almost nothing is bad for you if you compare it to smoking cigarettes.

    I'd like to get a vaporizer for my weed because I don't like wrecking my lungs but I don't have the cash for it right now.

    edit: I don't use e-cigs or whatever. I have no craving for nicotine and don't see a reason to develop one. I know there are nicotine free juices available, but why would I spend a bunch of money just to go "look at my clouds tho bro"... I do however think e-cigs can be used as a healthier alternative for those addicted to smoking or to ween yourself off of nicotine.
  5. Nicotine gets you addicted. You will get headaches if you don't get your nicotine so you must keep spending money on something that's quite expensive.

    And like Neck said, why waste money on something that you can do with a kettle filled with water... In mind opinion it's a waste of money, you don't achieve anything or improve your life with it. And if you do it for the taste, go buy some real fruit, at least that's 100% good for you and doesn't get you addicted.
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  6. Actually that's not quite true, see here. They basically produce large quantities of formaldehyde which is thought to be a carcinogenic when inhaled. but they're definitely better for you than normal cigarettes.
  7. i have sigelei 150w & a sigelei 150w temp control v2, nemesis v2,
    arctic tank, Hell boy rda, giant rda,
    and a whole bunch of juice that was made in my town lol.
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  8. I have an eGo ONE Mega and it's pretty shitty, so I wouldn't recommend it.
    Blueberry is my favorite flavored ejuice, oh my god, it's amazing *-*
  9. hey man if ur new to vaping id suggest get a nemi
  10. Not new to it, have been doing it for a few years now :p.
    But thanks, I'll give it a look
  11. Joined the club in October 2012!
    Number 1) Tornado Tank Kit (Vaping 36MG Juice)
    Number 2) Electron-S Kit (Vaping 36MG Juice)
    Number 3) iStick 50W + eLeaf Lemo (Vaping 24MG Juice)
    Current) iStick 100W + eLeaf Lemo 2 0.55ohms, vaping 25watts 70/30 juice. (Vaping 12MG Juice)

    Doesn't miss a beat, here's mine:

    Easily saved over £1,000 based on the current price of Amber Leaf. Notable health effects; Increased endurance and improved smell/taste. Downsides: E-Cig gets more attention than her. :confused::cool:
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  12. i have the eleaf ijuust 2. Very good lung hit and flavour. Also a bit of a cloud chaser
  13. Im vaping with "ancient" hardware by now (eleaf 50w, p4u IPV2s(70W), invader mini. Tanks/rda's i have are Subtank mini with nickel coils, mutation X v4, and a el cabron. :D. mixing my own juices 100% vg.
  14. joining the clean(er) lungs club, no e-cig here tho

  15. I neither Vape or smoke as a habit, but my girlfriend quit smoking through vaping.
    She's went off of all nictoine now and just uses vaping as a hobby. I started to fool around with it sometimes with straight VG, and I just blow O's and have some fun (from back when I smoked marijuana).
    She runs a Snow Wolf 200w with temperature control, and uses a Heracles tank primarily, but if she uses a mod, she uses a Mad Hatter with a turbo fan or a Doge V2.
  16. let me tell you about my story, guys. I smoked for 8 years straight. 8-10 cigarettes per day MINIMUM. Sometimes i'd peak at 15 cigarettes a day. Rarely a pack a day. I needed to quit smoking, I knew that because I had developed chest infection, which if left untreated or if I continued to smoke could had developed into cancer.

    I quit smoking for several months but I picked it up again. Again I felt chest pain, went to doctor, quit for few months and start all over again. rinse, repeat.

    That's when I started vaping. I felt much better vaping (almost like quitting cigarettes). I could breath better, i felt no chest pain and i quit cigarette for good. Don't tell me vaping is bad for you or even CLOSE to cigarettes because that's just dumb.

    You know how I know vaping isn't as bad for you? Because SCIENCE bitch. Government of UK's Public Health Board did a large study on electronic cigarette and found them to be 95% LESS harmful then actual cigarettes. Now that's a huge number. Plus you save 40% annually as well. It's a win-win situation for all. God bless technology and god bless vaping.

    Here is the study for those who are still skeptics:
  17. I use a Dark Horse RDA on a Cherry Bomber box mod, and a Atlantis Aspire on a IPV mini 2 for the tank fix.

    But currently I'm smoking again, because I'm a back sliding doucher.
  18. come back to us
  19. Quit vaping, smoking, blazing etc. shit and start shooting heroine like an adult..
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  20. Vaping is for kids, real men inhale carbon dioxide

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