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Discussion in 'Client & Site Suggestions' started by Hazard, May 31, 2015.

  1. The possibility to filter varp changes in the Dev Toolkit, or to detect changes from within the script bot. As it's quite a mess atm to inspect the varp you need; over 10 can change at a second.
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  2. Support, it would be nice. Even something as simple as a checkbox for each varp to listen/ignore would be sweet
  3. It shouldn't be that hard as the dev toolbox is already listening for varp changes..
  4. How do you propose that a filter would be implemented in the dev toolkit?
  5. Just the possibility to ignore certain varps or to listen for changes would be nice too
  6. @Cloud will this be implemented or should I make a tool do do so?
  7. The way I'd picture it is you double click a varp and it gets listened for. When we're listening for one or more varps, no other varp changes are shown in the live changes box. Then you'd just need a way of indicating which varps are currently being listened for and a button to stop listening to all and maybe double click the varp again to remove individual varp from the listener
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  8. Personally I just envisioned it as another column, with checkboxes denoting listening/not listening.
  9. It might also be a nice idea to have a collapsable list of previous values rather than just the last value

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