Velox Egg Spawner 0.9.0

Spawns Red Spider Eggs and banks them at Edgeville.

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  2. Nice release, cash per hour atm? :)
  3. I'm getting about 500k/hr sans potions right now. Will test again in a little bit and post a proggie

    EDIT: I'm also running a version ahead. I fixed a small NPE that exists in 0.8.2. 0.9.0 fixes that and improves stability :3.
  4. Thats not bad :) Thanks for s haring this bot with us :)
  5. A failsafe for familiar would be nice. It can basically gets stuck behind a door in edge bank and then the script bot just tries to use the spec, but cant since familiar is too far away.
  6. Ah i'll add that in and push it soon! Thanks!
  7. I was using this west of the edge bank. Found that after the spider pouch expired it tried to go to the summoning obelisk, but it was running towards the edgeville monastary instead. Also, summoning potion support would be great! :D

    Also, this time it went to the summoning obelisk to recharge summon, but afterwards just stood there, and dint return to the spawning spot.
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  8. Spider gets stuck behind door bank to many times, rest is good
  9. I will be rewriting this in the coming weeks.

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  10. does this still work?
  11. yes
  12. wouldnt work for me can anyone make a guide on how to use it perhaps? the alpha spawner worked but not velox for some reason
  13. i will
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    @jake miler sorry for the shit quality just a simple record software i used for this lol.
  14. quality dont matter its just a guide not a porno :D
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    thats what i had done except i had 2k scrolls lol 0-0
  15. weird contact dibes lol
  16. @Dibes

    only problem I have had is that it doesn't stick to one tile so the bot walks all over the place. Can you make it stick to one tile only?
  17. please what do i do? i run the bot with 480 scrolls, 4 pouches outside the bank, bot spawns the familiar but doesnt use the egg spawn cast just stands there
    but paint status says: casting eggs!
  18. [​IMG]
    right click this and change the left-click option "castinng special" to special move

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