OSRS [Verified] [NoReqs] UnKwn. Perfect 1Def/Pray Training Spot. [cmb]

Discussion in 'General Market' started by ichaseexp, May 24, 2016.

  1. Selling a secret location i randomly stumbled on once a upon a time and since has used successfully since pre-spec. I was never detected at this location & atm i have 75 att 76 hp 81 str @ 69 cmb. Location is great, simple to travel to and great xp per hr rates, little to food needed. PM if interested, not a scam
  2. In what way would this be a secret spot? all spots are know, right? No bashing intended.
  3. Noone would think to come train here.& you aren't visible or easily reached unless someone is coming to that specific location as there is "items" required.
  4. Experiments?
  5. nope....
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    this isn't a troll man, ill tell a trusted author, idk. its legit tho ya'll see.
  6. I know of a few, like hobgoblins under ardy that people never go to. Something like a quest area like that?
  7. Sand crabs ?
  8. Hit me and I'll verify.
  9. going to tell @Geashaw ------ will be verified on this thread by them ------
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    @Geashaw ??
  10. I can verify it's easy to get by. Haven't been here one in my (longass) playtime.
  11. Thanks you @Geashaw for verifying that

    ---------- location still open for purchase(s)
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  12. Lumby swamps/lumby caves? And is it f2p or p2p and osrs or rs3?

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  13. Can be used on both servers. P2P only. If want the location/more info pm me @qverkk

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