[Video] [Easy] How to deal with RAM issues when using RuneMate

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  1. I've created the following video as I noticed people complaining about RuneMate's RAM usage.
    To quote @Arbiter, RuneMate using 2GB is completely normal due to all anti-ban techniques involved.
    People with plenty of RAM won't have these issues, but for people with 4GB orso this will help alot !!

    Cleanmem: Download CleanMem 2.5.0

    Sorry if the guide isn't clear enough for you.
    I'm new to creating video guides.
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  2. Good guide, Microsoft.
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  3. Thx buddy :D
  4. I can run up to 7 clients before my task manager says Memory at 95%+ D:
    My PC has 8gb do you think this clean ram method would allow me to run more clients?
  5. I have 4 gigs of ram, I can run 3. upgrading to 16 this week.

    Clean memory dosent help with how many bots you can run, mainly helps when java start hitting 2k plus and bottle necking your computer
  6. Alright. Yeah I might consider upgrading to 16gbs if I find my self getting more GP hungry. :D
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  7. Cleanmem mainly releases the stress on your system, but it might actually give you the ability to run +1 bot.
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  8. I've been using cleanmem since 2010 already!
    Also (however i've not used this before) a friend of mine uses "Raze Game booster", no idea if it'd work for runemate too, basically just terminates all software not being used and puts that into the game you run.
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  9. I've used Game Booster myself aswell, and it does release some RAM.
    Thanks for sharing the tip !!
  10. 2.3 - 2.6gb ram each client for me,i'll trying this softs
  11. Will try this when client comes up :D hope it will run better for botting rs3
  12. My bot always stays at around 1gb ram, pretty solid, though my pc is almost dying.
  13. Great job. Also helpful for other stuff that uses a lot of ram.
  14. Definitely going to try this out, thanks for the idea.!
  15. My clients are usually 300mb-500mb RAM each ;)
  16. My ram is fine can always download more from microsoft (heh) but it got me thinking. Do we know anything about sceptre and Ram usage?
  17. @Arbiter @Cloud
  18. Might give this a try, as far as that 'game booster' goes... only ever caused me problems when i used that.
  19. good job on this thanks
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  20. Literally lol'd

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