Vienna RS3&OSRS buying shop[RS3 0.28-0.36$/M][OSRS 1.4-1.6$/M]

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  1. Hey welcome to VIENNA gold buying shop. Since im new here im willing to go first in increments , when you have gold for sale contact with me via skype: weed4dead
    RS3 0.28-0.36$/M

    OSRS- 1.4-1.6$/M
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  2. Sounds like the typical scam to me. Very high buying prices and a new account. That's quite suspicious if you'd ask me. Is there any indication of your trustworthiness?
  3. Found the forum from google , and sounds like scam ? Im willing to go first in increments im not asking anyone to go firs to me lol
  4. Considering how easy it is to chargeback, I'm sticking with my initial point.
  5. Agree, also this should not be allowed for a fresh account.
    @Arbiter, @Cloud & @EvilCabbage , maybe make the market buying/selling for users with a certain amount of posts and/or supporter.
    This is, like @Bertrand says, way to suspicious and could easely be a big scammer.
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  6. cant the buyer/seller record everything for in case theres a scam/charge back? (Evidence)
  7. Yes, they can, but if he buyer/seller gets scammed.
    What then? :p
    Ok the scammer will prob be banned. but the other user will still be scammed.
    I think, limiting this part of the forums, to a user with like 100-200 posts and/or supporter would drop the scamrisk significantly.
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  8. no you dont get my point see if i the scammer gets back the money from paypal. the person who got scammed will have prove etc to show paypal that he got scammed. cause in order to get money back that u send someone u have to open a dispute if im correct i never done it before so im not sure i just had read the Paypal thing about dispute. but ya paypal makes both parties show proof etc
  9. Yes i know, but a scammer will most likely ask the buyer to send the money as a gift, and then the proof does not mather :p
    I think i will be making a guide on safe buying and selling since i have been in this since 2008 :p
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  10. yea do that and get the staff to link it to buying selling part of the forum :) making post count 100 or 50 or so i dont think would really matter if a scammer wants to scam theyll do it one way or another thats how i see it. but its up to the people on forum to weed out these scammers if possible.
  11. What i ment with the postcount thingy is that... euh... look at my profile :p
    I am supporter/wanna-be-botauthor and i have a pretty decent post count :)
    If i would scam someone and get banned over it ;o i would not know what to do with the 10h/day i spend on here :p

    See, an active member is less likely to scam someone, since they know they will be banned, and wont be able to use this brilliant software anymore :)
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  12. ur right but then they can just pm the person etc
  13. I'm for this.
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  14. [​IMG]
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  15. Its nice to see how people are postcounting in my thread , all posts will be reported as spam.

    You guys are kids here , everyone start screaming lol when they dont even know what payment methods im offering . Moneybookers/Western Union / Bitcoin / WMZ / PAYPAL . So no fucking point to postcount
  16. It's not postcounting though, they're voicing concerns about a possible scam and asking you for feedback or any other source of rep you could supply in order to prove you're not a scammer. The posts are somewhat off-topic but they're not pc farming.
    This is easy to resolve; provide feedback, provide assurances that you're not a scammer (send money by gift so you can't chargeback), and don't lose your head when people say that it's possible that it's a scam when it matches a lot of the behavior of past scams.
  17. please tell me how i can get feedback when people accussing me in scamming lol ? I dont get even chance to prove myself
  18. we never accussed you of scamming :) we are just trying to keep this community clean
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  19. ill sell u 100m 0.36/m direct deposit interac :)
  20. By feedback I meant feedback from another site etc. If this is your first community then you'll get feedback in time. Nobody is accusing you of scamming, they're just stating it's suspicious and were asking for proof you're not a scammer.

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