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    1. Path q4 = BresenhamPath.buildTo(locationClose);
    2.                         if (q4 != null) {
    3.                             ViewportPath.convert(q4).step();
    4.                         }
    Still tries to use the minimap, but halfway towards it (moving the mouse) it seems to remind itself it should use the screen instead of the minimap. It works, but not like it should.

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    Post #11 by Derk, Oct 22, 2015
  3. The only reason I can see that it may do that is if it's trying to enable run. Is that the case by any chance? Like, are you at the correct point for run to be turned on?
  4. Correct point as in the run percentage is above an acceptable level for the bot to initiate it? I'm not even sure what the threshold is. :(

    Might be useful to know that it never actually reaches the minimap, it just approaches it and then moves back to the next tile it tries to walk to. Basically disables me from seeing if it tries to activate running, or just trying to use the minimap for walking.
  5. I have not yet taken a close look into the API, but here is what I suggest you to do.

    Disable running from your script bot (force walking)
    Disable running in client
    Try again

    Also, often when application (or S-cr ipt) in this case does A when it's supposed to do B and suddenly realizes that it should be doing B, the bug is not in B, that it in matter of fact is in C. Post your complete class.
  6. Well I'm not going to open-source my entire class, lmfao. All possible ways of walking have been investigated for interference with the viewport walking, none of them apply. I guarantee that even if you make a bot solely for running from point a to point b using viewport, the exact same thing happens.
  7. You could always PM. Also the full method would be neat to provide aswell. Have you tried this thing you can guarantee? I'd suggest to do so.
  8. If I leak my bot to you, who knows where it will end up? Even though it's shit quality, I prefer my code to remain anonymous, both for people trying to rip off the bot, and Jagex looking into patterns that might be easily to find out reading my source.

    I'll investigate more, but I wouldn't have reported this issue if I wasn't at least 90% sure that it wasn't me. :(
  9. Whatever. Was just trying to help.
  10. I appreciate the effort, don't get me wrong. I'm just not willing to share my code for previously mentioned reasons.
  11. We never cancel a movement once started unless something very odd happens, it's likely that the movement it's using is just coincidentally making it move that direction.
  12. You can close this indeed. I've resolved it loading the entities within the loop and it started working
    Doesn't make sense to me but at least it wasn't the viewport that was broken, but rather my brain. XD

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