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  1. Hello I want to run a VPN I am new to this How would I set one up and use runemate on it?
  2. 1.) Get a vpn from the internet. Costs like 5-10$/month.

    2.) Choose a place to connect from (you can connect from various places).

    3.) Run runemate.

    4.) Enjoy runemate.
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  3. any vpn recomendations? i want one that i can easily cancel the monthley subscription
  4. IP vanish or express vpn.
  5. so once I paid for vpn do I have todo anything technical? I can easily install runemate but thats about far as my knowledge with computers go.
  6. I feel like VPNs are worthless unless you buy one with a dedicated IP. Otherwise you are just running a big risk of getting a flagged IP and thus getting yourself more easily banned than without a VPN at all.

    Just my 2 cents.
  7. Why is this marked as Tutorial? ............ Fixed
  8. well if I dident put it as tutorial it puts u out of your job on maintaining the forum :)
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    anyone got anything about this to say?
  9. You don't have to do any technical stuff.

    And they're pretty much worthless because who knows... someone might've flagged all em IPs. If I were you, I'd buy a private proxy. VPN is ok if you're gonna use it for more than just runescape.
  10. how do i go about setting up private proxy?

    is this proxy ok?

    128MB RAM
    1x IPv4 ADDRESS
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  11. there's a tutorial on reddit on how you can set up proxies through official client. Just remember to use SOCKS5 proxies. I wouldn't know whether a proxy really is good until i test it myself... to see whether it's flagged.
  12. Would be nice if the Runemate client supported account-specific proxies via the runescape config file or whatever. Seeing as you can do it manually it should be doable in-client too, no?

    If I wanted to run five accounts on one PC, all with different proxies that isn't really doable with Runemate is it?
  13. Yeah i feel much the same dunno really anything much about it tbh i just use a pritty out of the box vpn service which i have no real idea how much i really protected with.
    but i just got a second account for "nolifing" hunter and have been worried a bit about getting IP banned so have been shuffling when i play on or the other using different IP for each but now and again derp and end up playing them both on the same ip.
    but so far so good 54 hunter and time for greys, now while i do some pest control on my main <3 dont ban me jagex
    please tytyty
  14. There have never been a case of IP ban unless you ran more than 50 bots or so with the same IP - blacklisted.
  15. set up softether on a digitalocean droplet for 5$ a month. Private VPN with a server to but on on top

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