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  1. I was wondering if i would be able to run OSRS on runemate on these specifications:

    512MB RAM

    20GB Disk Space

    1 CPU Core

    0.5T @100Mbps BW

    1 IPv4 Address

    if anyone has suggestions for a VPS provider thats cheap and reliable then please message me or leave a response.

    Also, which OS would be most recommended for running runemate OSRS? The server costs of windows are higher then linux usually however im not even sure if runemate is compatible with linux.
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  2. Since runemate takea bout 2gb of ram no
  3. Yes you will be able to run it, but it won't be flawless...
    I like interserver.net if it comes to servers, but i don't know how they look towards runescape botting.
    Interserver is kinda cheap and have really good support :)
  4. Unfortunately that VPS wouldn't even be able to run RuneScape through the official client. RS3 barebones takes 700MB RAM I believe.
  5. I do not intend running RS3, the VPS will be solely used for OSRS.
  6. You should run OSRS through the official client on your computer and see how much RAM it likes to take.
  7. You don't have enough RAM.
    Currently (with no script bot running) RuneMate is using 1 GB of RAM.

    Once you add in overhead of running the operating system and a load of other crap you'll need (VNC), you will probably want 2 gigabytes.
  8. I looked at the service @Rekke provides however I dont think I'll pay more for something i can set up myself, however for people that arent as familiar with Linux Distros or running bots on VPS's the service seems ok.

    Also, the service @Rekke provides doesnt seem to have any information on runemates compatibility with Linux, its also not installed on the VPS from what i can see in the printscreens.
  9. Your best bet is to just go and buy a windows vps :p
    Runemate & Linux are not really great friends haha :p
    Also you might want to ask the vps company if they allow RSBotting, since it uses alot of resources :)
  10. There are a few problems (mouse trail doesn't clear), but it works fine.

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