RS3 Waka flocka fuck yeah

Discussion in 'General' started by Jesse, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Yesterday I got a lucky SGS. Twas a good week.
  2. I once got bandos tassets, thats basically it for me lol
  3. got several times lucky subjo pieces.. lucky arma gs, lucky bcp, and once i've had 200m.. on some1 else's acc tho :/ got a good share of 50m i guess.
  4. eh I don't see much point in winning the money, can easily make a couple hundred mil in a couple days. I just like walking around in 100% lucky shit. Feels pimp.
  5. What the actual fuck is that luck! Please come to the casino with me OP!?
  6. the winrate of 200m is like 1/1m tho..

    also i dont see the point of winning lucky chaotic rapier, since u can just get it with dungeoneering.
  7. 1.Dont like dung.
    2.Barely any bots for it.
    3.Bots we have for it barely work.
    4.Takes ages - easily over 150 hours of dung just to get it.
    5.200m is just 200m. It's not lucky or special.
  8. ur jealouse af , i smell it
  9. ......

    1.Your spelling is atrocious.
    2.It's a game.
    3.It's a game
    4.It's a game.
    5.It's a game
    6.Why am I still going.
    7.It's a game
    8. Have the whole account if you want I don't play rs just bot it.
    9.I just like watching you pleb cunts cum as I show you my account gainz.
  10. Why are chaotics on Treasure Hunter in the first place? Same goes for Dungeoneering tokens... No incentive to continue skilling when they give away stuff like that, although it's very rare.
  11. >Waka flocka
    Apparently he's running for president. o_O
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