Bug walking from Varrock east bank to Varrock east mines.

Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by Seathe, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. so when i use the default web in Osrs to walk from varrock east bank to the east mines, it starts spam clicking on the stairs that are in the bank, is there a way i can stop it from doing this?
  2. Execution delays between steps works for me.

    Edit: Maybe I didn't understand your question. Are the stairs part of the pathway to the mines, or is it just randomly clicking on the stairs and not stepping along the path?
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  3. yea it just randomly clicks on the stairs and doesn't step along the path :S
  4. Are the stairs on a coordinate that is in the returned path?
  5. nope, the stairs are right beside the coordinate though, maybe ill try moving it over some more.
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    so i moved it over some more, and it walks to the bank fine, and deposits fine, but when it goes to walk back to the mine it will just spam click on the stairs instead of walking back to the mine.(and i made sure that the stairs weren't in my bank area coordinates).

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