RS3 want dat 99 rc

Discussion in 'Goals' started by The Professor, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. i cant wait for that 99 runecrafting
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    thanks to @Dibes for his flawless abyss bot.
  2. don't know if troll or stupid
  3. how would this be considered a troll or stupid.
  4. if you're doing rc the old way vs doing runespan, unless you want mad cash
  5. want mad cash lol
  6. Abyss running now grants 2,5x more exp than it used to. I'd say that's a pretty fast and profitable way of training.
  7. runescape 3 in a nutshell
  8. Lol, no. It was buffed because no one was making runes anymore, everyone used RuneSpan.
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  9. i just made 25m lol :D
  10. Lol in what time? what runes?
  11. been runecrafting for like 6 days now lol
  12. Been meaning to start up an abyss bot cbf doing rune mysteries though aha
  13. fucking hated the quest lol
  14. I'm interested in this, can you post an update proggy man? :) Thanks
    Wondering if I should go abbys or runespan thanks
  15. runespan is faster xp abyss is for money lol and i stopped for now bad wifi

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