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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Marcus48, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. Through my attempts to bot today all of my accounts I attempted on have been banned, through multiple different clients. Anybody else been banned today? It happened with this client using the Tutorialisland bot 3/3 times.
    Also with Powerbot and Osbot.
    Just wanting to hear what you guys are running into, maybe jagex is just watching me?
  2. Runemate is in general very safe though - just doing the tutorial island with a bot has been proven fatal for numerous users here :p
  3. ^ what he said. i believe i read another thread on RM about this very same thing. seems tutorial island isnt bot able lol
  4. I botted tutorial island all yesterday, was working great!
    I did use the runemate tanner today with no setback, thank you for that!
    So just the tut island is messing up I guess.
  6. id assume Jag be watching tut island to reduce the flow of more botters lol
  7. I just botted tutorial island and my account is fine. Used runemate :)
  8. Very interesting! hmm... Does runemate have a free moneymaking bot, like cow looter banker?
  9. check:) and if it doesnt u can always make suggestions
  10. IP flagged.
  11. Tutorial island has very high ban rates in general, no matter which client/bot you use.
  12. Will my ip ever be unflagged or do i need a vpn now?

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